Gilbert Rich & Associates

Registered  Investment  Advisor

Chartered Financial Consultant



October, 2020


Dear Clients:


First & foremost; I work for you, I have a fiduciary duty to you, and you always come 1st.


The following are some of your core benefits:


I do not receive commissions. All decisions made either grow or defend your assets as merited.

We are on the same side! Fees are based on assets under management.


My decisions are based upon your financial situation, goals and investment temperament.

There is always clear communication regarding any decision.


Your overall financial health comes 1st.


Financial Planning is included.  I am a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC). Such designation is more rigorous than most Planners have including the one of CFP.  


The decision process includes your tax consequences.


The Market is fascinating, challenging & changing.


One does not come through the 1999 Bubble, its subsequent bursting, 911, & 2009 without a great deal of valuable knowledge. Such experience is valuable to you in my decision making.          


In 1992, as a “Stock Broker” (Series 7), my day was devoted to convince clients to buy or sell. However, since 1996 my time is spent researching, researching & researching for your benefit.


Should you wish more information, or a second portfolio opinion, please call.




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